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New in version 2.7.

Return or set the deferrable status for the current session. Available values are True (new transactions will be in deferrable mode), False (new transactions will be in non deferrable mode), None (use the default configured for the server by default_transaction_deferrable ).

New in version 2.7.


This is a legacy method mixing and . Using the respective properties is a better option.

Set the transaction isolation level for the current session. The level defines the different phenomena that can happen in the database between concurrent transactions.

The value set is an integer: symbolic constants are defined in the module psycopg2.extensions : see 003 in Black Chimi Eyewear E5wH9f9nQ
for the available values.

The default level is Mens Zeronoxmason2 Suit Trousers Selected RSATWRbj30
: at this level a transaction is automatically started the first time a database command is executed. If you want an autocommit mode, switch to ISOLATION_LEVEL_AUTOCOMMIT before executing any command:

See also Transactions control .

Read or set the client encoding for the current session. The default is the encoding defined by the database. It should be one of the characters set supported by PostgreSQL

A list containing all the database messages sent to the client during the session.

Changed in version 2.7: The attribute is writable: the user may replace it with any Python object exposing an method. If appending raises an exception the notice is silently dropped.

To avoid a leak in case excessive notices are generated, only the last 50 messages are kept. This check is only in place if the notices attribute is a list: if any other object is used it will be up to the user to guard from leakage.

You can configure what messages to receive using PostgreSQL logging configuration parameters such as log_statement , client_min_messages , log_min_duration_statement etc.

List of Notify objects containing asynchronous notifications received by the session.

For other details see DENIM Denim bermudas Gabriele Colangelo cinazIigU

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WASHINGTON, DC – The Energy and Commerce Committee today sent letters to Apple CEO Tim Cook and Alphabet CEO Larry Page to probe the companies’ representation of third-party access to consumer data, and the collection and use of audio recording data as well as location information via iPhone and Android devices.


The letters were signed by full committee Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR), Communications and Technology Subcommittee Chairman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Chairman Gregg Harper (R-MS), and Digital Commerce and Consumer Protection Subcommittee Chairman Bob Latta (R-OH).

The leaders pose to both Mr. Cook and Mr. Page , “Recent reports have also suggested that smartphone devices can, and in some instances, do, collect ‘non-triggered’ audio data from users’ conversations near a smartphone in order to hear a ‘trigger’ phrase, such as ‘okay Google’ or ‘hey Siri.’ It has also been suggested that third party applications have access to and use this ‘non-triggered’ data without disclosure to users.”

The leaders pose to both Mr. Cook and Mr. Page

The letter to Mr. Cook reads , “In the wake of the privacy scandals that surfaced earlier this year, you made several comments to the press around Apple’s beliefs about privacy, including ‘[w]e’ve never believed that these detailed profiles of people that have incredibly deep personal information that is patched together from several sources should exist.’ However, users have consistently had access to apps through the App Store that you have highlighted as contradictory to Apple’s values, including Google and Facebook apps. Only a few weeks ago Apple announced changes to its App Store rules that were characterized as attempting to limit how much data third-party app developers can collect from Apple device users. These statements and actions raise questions about how Apple device users’ data is protected and when it is shared and compiled.”


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This documentation is for an old version of IPython. You can find docs for newer versions .

A base class for objects that are configurable.

Bases: Exception

Bases: Women Straight Fit Jeans Cross Jeanswear aWRozla

Bases: Womens D Deynna D Trainers Grey Geox ZHHi1

Create a configurable given a config config.

Subclasses of Configurable must call the Shorts for Women navy Silk 2017 28 Moncler Shorts for Women 28 Moncler tKfdMXWG
method of 8cm Printed Mulberry Silk Tie Dunhill XYQcqFAEYI
before doing anything else and using super() :

This ensures that instances will be configured properly.

Get the config class config section

Get the help string for this class in ReST format.

If inst is given, it’s current trait values will be used in place of class defaults.

Get the help string for a single trait.

If inst is given, it’s current trait values will be used in place of the class default.

Get the help string for a single trait and print it.

return section names as a list

Fire the traits events when the config is updated.

Bases: side stripe trousers Black Enfants Riches Deprimes YTf5N7G

A configurable that only allows one instance.

This class is for classes that should only have one instance of itself or any subclass. To create and retrieve such a class use the SingletonConfigurable.instance() method.

unset _instance for this class and singleton parents.

Has an instance been created?

Returns a global instance of this class.

This method create a new instance if none have previously been created and returns a previously created instance is one already exists.

The arguments and keyword arguments passed to this method are passed on to the __init__() method of the class upon instantiation.


Create a singleton class using instance, and retrieve it:

Create a subclass that is retrived using the base class instance:

Figure 2. Neural activation and average parameter estimates during vicarious embarrassment.

A Activations in response to vicarious embarrassing situations within the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) and left anterior insula. The rendered image displays the results of a random-effects analysis contrasting vicarious embarrassing with neutral situations. Positive effects of a conjunction analysis (AA > N ∩ AU > N ∩ IA > N ∩ IU > N) thresholded at p <.05, FWE-corrected (red and pink areas) are superimposed on the regions-of-interests which were generated in the ACC and the anterior insula at a more liberal threshold, p <.001, uncorrected (blue and pink areas). B Average parameter estimates within the ACC and the left anterior insula masks during the processing of vicarious embarrassing (AA, AU, IA, IU) and neutral situations (NEUT).

Behavioral Data.

The behavioral data of the fMRI study confirmed the findings of Study 1. As expected, participants rated their vicarious embarrassment significantly stronger during AA, AU, IA and IU situations compared to the neutral scenarios, s(31) >12.87, s<.001. Vicarious embarrassment ratings were around the scale mean with  = 2.46,  = 0.64 (IU),  = 2.86,  = 0.71 (IA),  = 3.21;  = 0.79 (AU), and  = 3.50;  = 0.70 (AA). Further, averaged vicarious embarrassment ratings differed significantly across the four modeled situations, (31) >3.2, s<.003.

Compared to the neutral situations ( = 786 ms,  = 158 ms) participants had longer response times for their ratings after vicarious embarrassment situations (ranging from  = 995 ms,  = 332 ms (IU) to  = 1039 ms,  = 312 ms (AA); s(31) >3.89, <.001). Reaction times did not significantly differ among the four types of situations, s(31) <1.71, >.097. Pearson correlations of individual differences in trait empathy with vicarious embarrassment ratings were in a similar range as in Study 1 ranging from  = .17 (IA) to  = .32 (AA). However, at this sample size, trait empathy was only correlated significantly with ratings in AA situations ( = .036), not the other three situations (AU, IA, IU, s>.051).

As predicted, the conjunction analysis revealed BOLD responses in brain areas typically involved in empathic processing to be significantly stronger for vicarious embarrassment situations than for neutral situations, p <.05, corrected (see Simone aviator sunglasses Tom Ford b4Iogu
, Table 3 ). The activation of both the left ACC (−6 20 44) and the left anterior insula (-32 24 0) showed considerable overlap with the affective-motivational part of the ‘pain matrix’ Ovalshaped crystalembellished sunglasses Miu Miu eA1g5iZG3
, Origin/E17 Womens Low Le Temps Des Cerises w13UsUyT
. Furthermore we observed stronger responses in the thalamus, periaqueductal grey (PAG) in the brainstem, and the cerebellum, structures that are frequently associated with the empathic perceptions of others' pain Unisex Adults St Runner V2 Full L LowTop Sneakers White 8 UK Puma LNkt1qiq

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